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Study visit to Poland

On 28–31 October 2014, the Polish Border Guard hosted a study visit in the framework of the project. During an intensive four-day visit, participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine were introduced to Polish good practices in relation to international cooperation, information exchange and training.

Ms Aleksandra Światecka, Director of the International Cooperation Bureau, welcomed the participants of the Eastern Partnership countries to Poland. Following the welcoming session and the session on project updates, the delegation was introduced to the institution of a border delegate with practical examples of the work of the regional units on the Ukrainian and Czech border and local border traffic experience at the Ukrainian border. These theoretical presentations were followed by a practical visit to the Wroclaw Airport, where participants could discuss with Polish colleagues control procedures and the work of the K9 units.

The second day of the visit was related to the educational module of the project. For this purpose, the Border Guard Centre for Specialised Training in Luban opened its doors to welcome the participants and introduce them to the Centre’s programmes. In the afternoon, the participants gathered for the presentation of the educational modules on risk analysis and inter-agency cooperation, developed during the project implementation. In addition, representatives from Georgia and Moldova who were responsible for the piloting of the two modules also shared their experience. All delegates confirmed the importance and relevance of these modules for training in their respective border services.

The third day was dedicated to a visit to the Police Custom Cooperation Contact Point on the Polish–German Border in Swiecku, where participants were introduced to good practices in relation to the exchange of information and to international cooperation. The delegates were also informed about the piloting project of the Polish–German post, which was initiated in 2012 to strengthen cooperation between police and border guards on the border.

This was the fifth visit of its kind to EU Member States that are partners of the project. As it was highlighted on the last day in Wroclaw, the participants highly appreciated the experiences and practices which were shared by the Polish colleagues, as well as the warm atmosphere, professionalism and openness to discuss different topics related to the study visit and beyond. The participants also underlined that the experiences and practices exchanged among the EaP colleagues were an added value of this activity.

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