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Intensive advanced learning experiential programme pilots the memorandum of understanding on cooperation among the training institutions

On 18-27 May an Intensive Advanced Learning Experiential Programme (the IBM Programme) was implemented in the framework of the project. This activity was the first of its kind, offering a pioneer approach for the Eastern Partnership representatives to gain and utilise experience from their EU MSs colleagues.
The IBM Programme was developed to become a piloting activity of the Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation among the training institutions of the EaP and selected EU MSs, which was signed on 24 March. At the same time, it aimed to maximise overall results of the project at the operational and educational levels. The novelty of the IBM Programme, compared to other project activities, lies in the methodological approach: mobility between EaP and EU MSs, gaining practical experience in the EU MSs, self-formulation by the EaP representatives recommendations for the utilisation of the lessons learnt at the national level were the cornerstone of the activity.
First, ten representatives from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine gathered for a briefing session in Chisinau, from where they departed to the individual thematic programmes in Latvia, Slovakia, Romania, Poland and Hungary. In these EU MSs- partners to the project the EaP participants (maximum two per country) were welcomed by their host mentor experts, who guided them through the educational or operation thematic programme. The topics of border delegates, air and green border were in focus of the operational experts, while the representatives of the training institutions concentrated on the curricula on IBM, and specifically on crisis management and risk analysis, as well as methodologies of teaching. These areas of the thematic programmes and distribution of the participants corresponded to the priority areas of the EaP countries, as defined in the course of the project.
Following completion of the respective thematic areas, all EaP participants and their mentors from the EU MSs gathered together in Chisinau to share the lessons learnt with other participants and identify avenues to utilise this experience at the national basis in the EaP countries. Two working groups – operational and educational ones - were formed, and targeted their discussions on mapping key recommendations on the use of the experience gained in the EU MSs. On the last day all participants jointly discussed the synergies of the operational and educational levels and interests in multilateral cooperation on specific topics.
The activity has not only contributed to strengthening cooperation at the EaP-EU and EaP-EaP levels, it has also offered a new approach to the exchange and utilisation of good practices. Both, EaP and EU participants highly appreciated an intensive, targeted and novel nature of the programme. The results of discussions, which took place during the IBM Programme, will be summarised in the joint report, including portfolio of the national recommendations on utilisation of the lessons learnt and mapping avenues for further cooperation in the region. These results will be also shared during the IBM Panel and Senior Officials meeting of the Prague Process.

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